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SJMC Welcoming Statement:

From 2015-2016, we at SJMC engaged in conversations, listening, learning and discernment in relation to people who are LGBTQ. At the end of the process, we affirmed a new SJMC Welcoming Statement and received it within the context of worship on May 15, 2016.

Grounded in God’s universal love, we are a community of faith growing into our calling to be the body of Christ. We welcome people who are LGBTQ to participate in the life and ministry of our congregation.

Living into our Welcoming Statement:

  • We welcome people who are LGBTQ into the life and ministry of SJMC, including baptism and membership upon confession of faith in Jesus.
  • We will trust and support our pastors in discerning requests to participate in marriages, including same-sex marriages.
  • When we are in a pastoral search, we will consider individuals according to their particular gifts and calling for ministry, not their sexual identity.
  • As we journey together, we welcome ongoing storytelling and conversations of listening and learning in a spirit of gentleness, grace and love.

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